New Heights Community Support 
          & Foundation

We believe in you!

Our Values 

Taking Pride in What We Do—“We are motivated and guided by our personal integrity.”
  • We recognize our potential.
  • We take the initiative to improve ourselves and the way we do things.
  • We act with sound judgment.

Building a Workplace Community“We respect each other and work together in a healthy environment.”

  • We embrace diversity and nurture empowering relationships.
  • We communicate honestly and effectively.
  • We create an environment that promotes learning and innovation.

Caring for the People of the Community“We advance the public good with purpose and passion while honoring differences.”

  • We provide credible information, reliable advice and quality services.
  • We establish and maintain good working relationships with our clients.
  • We responsibly and wisely manage resources entrusted to us.

By being accountable for our values and their integration in our work, we lay the foundation for excellence at New Heights Community Support.